Dr. Aleef - University of Leeds
"I have never regretted studying at University of Leeds. I would like to take this opportunity to thank HRDS for helping me through all the difficulties I have faced during my application and preparation time"

Akmal - University of Leicester
"HRDS took all the stress out of the application and preparation process"

Raj - University of Adelaide
"Adelaide is a very lovely city and the people are so pleasing and friendly.. Thanks to you all for making this possible to us"

Brandon - Loughborough University
"HRDS really helped to ease the process of applying to universities. HRDS especially Anna, really prioritised my application and did everything possible to ensure that I get accepted into a university. When my results came out, I was a grade off the required grade to get into my first choice university, but thanks to HRDS I was still accepted in"

Danial - University of Sheffield
"Thank you for your guidance; could not have made it without you"

Syakiratul Sheh - University of Adelaide
"HRDS has been great with helping me with my Visa. HRDS always been diligent and very helpful. I went to the Study Global Fair at the Empire Hotel and it was really helpful in giving me information about universities."