We strictly adhere to the British Council Guide to Good Practice for Education Agents


Understanding of Brunei's needs

HRDS colleagues understand well Brunei’s training needs and are highly knowledgeable about manpower shortages, niche career opportunities, job demands for the future etc. We fully understand the expectations of the Brunei scholarship awarding bodies and we have built up a reputation in addressing their needs when counselling students. We maintain a close dialogue with host institutions to identify suitable programes that can meet Brunei’s training needs. We ensure that the programes offered by HRDS representative universities would be approved by Brunei Government through Brunei Accreditation Council.

How can HRDS Help YOU

Operating as a certified education consultancy since 1997, HRDS is the official representative for education institutions in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and the UK. HRDS will help you with your higher education preparations - from identifying the right career, suitable courses and university, to support with personal statement, application process, visas, student insurance, accommodation etc.

Personalized ethical support

We provide impartial, professional and ethical advice. We represent a wide range of universities that cover most of the subjects of interest in Brunei. We will guide you to what suits you best

Full support
We take care of all your further study needs. Identifying an appropriate program, assistance with the application (including writing of personal statements and PhD research proposals), close liaison with institutions for application status, accommodation, visas, etc.

HRDS Fees (ie NO service fees)

Our counseling and university placement service is free as we are direct contractual representatives for the universities that we promote. The only charges that a student needs to incur are application fees and courier fees (if any) or any direct costs related to the application.

Experienced staff
We have extensive experience in managing student applications, visa requirements, welfare issues etc. HRDS staff is highly knowledgeable about the programmes offered at different institutions and have a high ethical commitment to placing students on appropriate programmes. We are highly regarded and respected by the scholarship awarding bodies and regularly receive referred students from scholarship organisers Come and see us for a hassle free university application

Student centered counselling
Our education planners will provide you with a range of options so that you can make an informed decision on your selection of course and institution. We ensure that the programes we identify meet your qualifications and also your personal career goals or training requirements.