Studying Agriculture in Australia
Starting Date
04 Dec 2020
End Date
04 Dec 2020
02:45 PM - 04:00 PM
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A degree in Agriculture Science will allow you to apply Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Economics and make a real-world difference. This is a pathway to build a career with lasting impact.

Studying Agriculture Science in Australia will allow you to use the latest technology:
- drone based sensors to monitor plants, diseases, water stress etc
- use ‘big data’ and machine learning to help farmers grow more food
- science and economics of new innovations

Australia is a global supplier of agriculture food with at least 65% of its agriculture production being exported. In addition, with a semi tropical climate, its food production is closely similar to Brunei’s.

Graduates of Agriculture Science are highly sought after. Demand for Agriculture Scientists is HIGH - in Australia alone, each graduate has a choice of five jobs!

Possible jobs:

- Consultant
- Research
- Advice on government policy
- Innovate in urban and vertical farming
- Increase farm efficiency using modern drone technology

Combine your interests in the sciences, sustainability, new technology, business and make a positive contribution to the world.

The highly ranked universities of Adelaide, Queensland and Melbourne will hold presentations on Friday 4 December for you to find out what it is like studying exciting degrees in agriculture

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Friday, 4th December 2020
HRDS (level 1), SEAMEO VOTECH Gadong
2:45 PM

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HRDS (level 1), SEAMEO VOTECH Gadong