Hafizah Zaini

Admission Coordinator. UK Graduate. Studying overseas has benefited me in so many ways. Being abroad has taught me to be more independent, be responsible for my actions and be brave. It is the most exciting experience where I learnt about different cultures and lifestyles. Exploring exciting places in the UK with my friends was one of my favorite activities. The things that I miss the most are the University itself, Welsh cakes and of course the shopping! Words of encouragement for students out there: it does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop! Believe in yourself and keep moving forward.

Izzati Soffri

Office Coordinator. The scariest moment is always just before you start. I know how hard it is to choose and apply for universities, because I had to go through it alone. This is one of the reasons why I want to help students to choose and make a wise decision. Also ease their application process. Berlin as a city showed me the wonders of arts, fashion and music! From going to classical music concerts and being invited to Berlin Fashion Week, studying and living in Berlin really helped me understand my own interests and passions. My passion in painting came from visiting art galleries and museums in Berlin. Studying overseas further aided me in gaining my confidence; I truly became an independent person. You can even say that Berlin revealed my true self. Go out into the world with your passion and love for what you do and just never give up. It always seems impossible until it’s done

Matin Momin

Education Planner. I have made lifelong friends of different cultures and backgrounds while studying in Australia. I miss surfing, traveling through deserts and basking in the rich natural parks. The one thing I love the most about Australia is its nature and outdoor lifestyle. Its rich population of exotic animals and the fresh plants never fails to amaze me. I would always spend my university holidays hiking and camping through the vast outback to photograph the different plants I come across. Being in Australia showed me how everyone and everyplace has a different story. It helped me understand the students I met and the students I help today. To me, university life is to be enjoyed and every student should have the opportunity to explore their options. Helping students realize their ambitions, discovering new passions and finding their perfect university reminds me of my journey. Every plant deserves to find sunlight, to reach as high as it can and absorb as much life as possible. Nothing else gives me more joy than helping students reach their sunlight.

Hajah Rafiah Haji Momin

Managing Director. As an Investment Analyst with Brunei Investment Agency, Hjh Rafiah gained extensive experience working with financial institutions in UK, USA, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. This overseas experience was then extended to international education. With a good understanding of new developments in education in other countries, Hjh Rafiah strives to bring new ideas and practices to Bruneians. Hjh Rafiah strongly believes that education is a major investment for a young Bruneian starting his or her career path, Education is also a major investment for the nation in order to prepare the workforce to meet Brunei’s development and diversification plans. Hjh Rafiah maintains a high ethical and moral benchmark for the organisation.

Dr Smita Wimmer

General Manager. I grew up in Africa, and have lived and worked/studied in the UK, Australia, Fiji, France and Brunei. Every country offers different perspectives and outlooks; keeping an open mind has made these experiences highly rewarding and allowed me to meet some wonderful people from vastly different backgrounds. This has also made me understand and appreciate a person’s cultural and individual needs. Learning is life-long and this is becoming increasingly important with the rapid advances in technologies which in turn have created new and exciting opportunities and also made some professions redundant. It is always heartwarming to see a student succeed in life and that the HRDS support might have contributed in a small way to his or her achievements “If your mind can conceive it, and your heart can believe it - then you can achieve it”. Jesse Jackson, 1983

Waina Fakhriah

Admission and Finance. It is such a pleasure to meet Bruneian students when I visit our universities. Their maturity, adaptation to a new life and at the same time maintaining their cultural values is admirable. Helping a student to make life-making decisions is very rewarding. HRDS, it has been operating since 1997 and we are now beginning to help the children of HRDS alumni! School leavers now have such exciting options to choose from –especially the multidisciplinary programs that did not exist a few years ago. We want our students to make informed decisions such that their studies, and eventually their professional life, are successful and also satisfying.

Maizura Abu Bakar
Education Planner. Hello! I am looking forward to assisting you with planning your education journey! Back in the day, HRDS helped ease my university application and I would very much like to help you to make the start of your journey as stress free as possible I cherish every moment I spent in Australia, the student experience was amazing! Studying abroad taught me to be super independent in a way I would never have considered before. Weekends were always reserved for exploring new places with my friends. I enjoyed long train rides going to scenic hiking trails and touring coastal walking trails, and did not even mind if I had to wake up really early on a cold frosty Sunday during winter. Let's do this together! I will do my very best to help you get into your dream university overseas so you can enjoy the extraordinary student experiences abroad! I look forward to meeting you soon