• Professional Counselling

    Our counsellors will provide you with information on a range of options so that you can make an informed decision of your selection of course and institution.
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  • Extensive Experience

    Our staff is highly knowledgeable about the programmes offered at different institutions and have a high ethical commitment to placing students on appropriate programmes.
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  • It is Absolutely Free!

    Our counseling and university placement service is free as we are direct contractual representatives for the universities that we promote. The only charges that a student needs to incur are the application fees and courier fees (if any)
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Noteworthy Features



Renabull The senior management team of HRD Services has an intimate knowledge of the high level decision making processes in Brunei Darussalam. We have an expertise in the education systems of Australia, Brunei, Malaysia and the United Kingdom, and work closely with key decision makers.  

Renabull We also have a capable and knowledgeable support staff, which originate from the countries we represent. 

Renabull HRD Services instigated the establishment of several joint programmes between the University of Queensland and education institutions in Brunei. These efforts resulted in widening the study overseas destinations to Australia.  

RenabullRenabullWe have a proven track record in the transfer of students from Brunei into our client institutions. 

Renabull We work closely with government departments and large multinationals to identify appropriate study programmes that best meet their individual manpower requirements. 

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